Michael Richards and Herts Tai Chi aim to teach and promote high quality Tai Chi and Chi Gung. Supporting people of all ages to maintain, as well as increase, their health, well being and vitality. Good quality teaching allows you to obtain a foundation in the basics of Tai Chi and then progress to learn and understand subtle aspects of the energy work of Tai Chi.

What you practice you surely become……..

Developing mind, feeling-body, spirit and community. The practice of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi can develop these four aspects of human life. With the addition of love and laughter I honour all those that have forged the profound art of Tai Chi in the past. I also welcome intellect, innovation and new insights to steer the progress and teaching of Tai Chi into the future.

Being here now with your practice of Tai Chi can give you a taste of the present moment…… and a glimpse of eternity.



1 Langley Crescent

Kings Langley